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Why Should you Ridge Vent?
Did you know a well-ventilated attic is key to maximum roof protection?
In winter, normal household activities like doing laundry, running dishwashers and taking showers generate moisture that can damage insulation, rafters, wood deck, underlayment and shingles. In summer, heat build-up can cause premature aging and cracking of wood and roofing materials.
The only way to combat these problems is with balanced ventilation. When a ventilation system is balanced, wind blowing over the ridge creates a negative pressure that draws the warmer air out of the attic. Replacement air enters through the undereave vents, bathes the underside of the roof, and exits at the ridge cap.
Even with no wind, the natural convection action of rising warm air maintains a continuous air flow along the underside of the roof. It's a system that works year 'round with no moving parts or energy consumption.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation
  • Allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of attic.
  • Promotes a cooler, drier attic.
  • Helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped in insulation, structural wood, shingles and roof deck.
  • Helps prevent rotting, mildew, drywall damage, peeling paint and warped siding.
  • Provides year-round performance for consistent ventilation without energy consumption.

Ridge-Venting Products
VentSure® Ridge Vents
Owens Corning VentSure® ridge vents, when used with proper undereave vents, allow uniform escape of warm, moist air from the attic unlike turbines, louvers and gable vents. Choose from either VentSure® Rigid Roll and VentSure® Externally Baffled 4’ Strips to meet your needs.

VentSureŽ Externally Baffled 4’ Strips
  • Externally baffled for added protection against wind-driven rain and snow.
  • Easy-to-handle 4’ sections.
  • Durable polypropylene construction with U.V. inhibitors.
  • Unique interlocking tabs for self-alignment.
  • Built-in end caps.
  • Flexible hinge accommodates a 3/12 to 12/12 pitch.
  • If installed with Owens Corning shingles, the warranty life is the same as the installed shingles – otherwise limited 20-year warranty* is in effect.
  • Net free vent area HVI certified: 15 square inches per lineal foot (60 square inches per 4-foot section)
  • Width – 13.375"

  • Easy to handle because it’s a roll; easy to install because it’s rigid.
  • Only rolled ridge vent product that can be installed with a nail gun – will not compress when nailed.
  • Made of patented, durable corrugated plastic construction.
  • 20’ roll lengths; end caps enclosed with each roll.
  • Low 5/8" profile looks more attractive on theridgeline.
  • Clog-free design.
  • Adjusts to almost any roof pitch (2/12 to 20/12).
  • Net free area: 12 1/2 square inches per lineal foot.
  • If installed with Owens Corning shingles, the warranty life is the same as the installed shingles – otherwise limited 20-year warranty* is in effect.
  • Uniform ventilation – Turbines, louvers and gable vents do not provide the uniform airflow throughout the attic like Owens Corning VentSureŽ ridge vents.
  • Regional availability in 3 different widths: 11 1/4”,9" and 7"
  • Wind baffles recommended in high-wind areas or where recommended by code.